Food Log

Food Log is an Android app that helps keep track of the foods you eat. You can track what you eat and when you eat. You can optionally keep track of your calories too. Your entries will be shown in a calendar format and if you track calories the dates will be color coded depending on if you exceed your daily caloric limit.

You can search for entries by a date range, by notes you've attached to the entries, or by food or even ingredients if you enter the ingredients for foods. It is possible to keep recipes in Food Log as well.

There are two versions - a free ad-supported version and a pay version without ads. They are identical except for the advertisements. Get the ad-supported version here. Get the ad-free version here.

The latest release is 1.11.2. The user's manual is here. The change log is here.

Click here to see the Privacy Policy for the ad-supported app. Click here to see the ad-free app's policy.

Please send any questions or comments about the app to

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